Tired of saving paper printouts of documents, presentations, and reports containing certain information that you would like to handle?

Then swap your yellow highlighter and ring binder for a SmartPrinter.
This way you can always be certain that your informations gets the path to excellence and easily save a rainforest’s worth of paper!


You can print directly to a smart printer from your applications. It works the same way as a regular printer, the only difference is that your printouts are alive for further processing, manipulation and automation.

Rather than the printer starting to spit out paper, a print job starting to analyze your data. As soon as you have chosen the way to handle your “printout”, your data should be proceesed, saved and forwarded to your prefered destination.

While you must admit that this is a great way to save paper and finally “go green”, it’s no laughing matter when your customer expects you to send a printed document, in a way that his software application gateway needs bind the printout informations and your physical printer can’t seem to do that… read more.

green print project

a green print project


What’s happening?

Until recently, you’ve always been able to print anything from your computer to your printer device, next to your desktop or to a network printer connected somewhere at your office . Even more you can always use a virtual printer that create a pdf file version of your printed document.

Now, your print jobs can go straight into SmartPrinter network device, where they appear like a common printed document that data meaning matter. You really want printing usual paper when you know that your SmartPrinter can help you automate your tasks and your data, as easy as printing ? See an example here.

What’s the catch?

A print driver is a small piece of software that directs output from a computer to a printer. Typically, the operating system controls such software, so it can monitor how a computer talks to hardware devices like a printer. In the case of SmartPrinters, no special software installation required, no extra software needed at all. Download or use an existing print driver and then have your print jobs for archiving, further processing and analysis.

The SmartPrinters wasn’t designed to override your printing habit and assume you want every print job sent to a smart printer. Instead, it’s intended to be waiting in the wings, available whenever you want to use it, and taking a backseat again whenever you’re done sending a particular print job to a smart printer.