Mission : Print to Dropbox

So, you have read a lot about smart printers technology.
Is there any example?

We have create a simple and practical example combining smart-printers technology with Dropbox web service. It demonstrate the smart print technology by sending everything you print to your Dropbox folder.

The following is required to achieve the above mentioned result:

Step-1: Create a dropbox.printer account.

Step-2: Adjust the printer by filling additional dropbox parameters.

Step-3: View your printer queue monitor.

After having done the above mentioned acts, you can install the printer to your pc as a native network printer. As soon as you have finished with the installment, use your printer as usual.
Print some documents!
You will receive the result of your print to your dropbox filesystem.

NOTE: As far as the printer driver is concerned, please, for demonstration purposes, use the Generic/Text Only printer driver and print simple texts to the dropbox.printer. A use of another printer driver would lead to false result 

This simple smart printer example presents one of the many uses a smart printer can have.
Its smartness can expand with the use of a file detection system and a system of automated archiving or anything you can think that will make your life easier.

If you like our example and you have an idea where our smart printer technology can have an application for you, please mention your idea in the comments or notify us using the contact form.

Click here to create a dropbox.printer.