Print as web service

As you might already know, there are many examples of printers that are not next to your computer, or they are not even in the same building, where you can send to print successfully, since the printer share recognized from your PC.

These are remote printers that communicate with your computer through a network such as LAN, WAN, etc.

Therefore, if you send to print to remote printers, there will be a print, regardless of whether you see or receive the final result.
The typical result of the above mentioned procedure is a piece of paper with a print on it.

Another situation is virtual printers.
Virtual printing is also applicable to special printers that, for example, convert Microsoft® Word documents to Adobe® PDF document format.

In our case, like virtual printers, you can configure a smart printer in such a way that the application manager can determine the result of the print.

It is a web service printer that you can control so that it formats the result of your prints.

A smart printer checks the content of a print and according to it, procedure steps, based on preset rules,are followed.

Here is an example

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