How often do we spend our time printing documents, scanning, archiving and e-mailing colleagues, partners or customers? Also many times a group of people should be informed about document changes and receive it as well.

What if, your document already contains e-mail addresses?
Is it a notice that you must send this document to the email address listed?

In our case, it is a signal for a smart-printer to perform an automated task.
To send this document as an e-mail attachment while the document is printed*.
With smart printing, any document might be automatically routed to recipients.
Just include an e-mail address in any document and print it using a smart printer.

Join the xpsmail.printer

Step 1: Create a user account. An email will be sent to you to activate your account.

Step 2: The xpsmail.printer application needs you to join your Dropbox account.
This step assumes that you have already a dropbox account. If not, create a dropbox accountCreate Dropbox account.

Step 3: Install the printer using the xps driver or any xps output capable driver and use the web console to monitor your printer queue.

Click here to create your personal xpsmail.printer.


*Note about smart printing: Smart printer acts like a common network printer. No paper required, a smart printer can handle data and save the printed file to your dropbox folder. 

Note about printer driver: XPS is Microsoft’s alternative to PDF. Like PDF designed to keep document layout regardless of the device used. It was introduced in Windows Vista and is the documet file type chosen to archive your printings. You can use the XPS printer driver located here. If .Net Framework 3.0 is already installed on a system (Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, or Windows Server 2003), an XPS document will open within the Microsoft XPS Viewer. Third party XPS viewers are available hereMore informations about XPS file format, are available here